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WasteBuster June's Composting Story

Landscape of a luscious green garden.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

June's gardening experiences and advice


June, an enthusiast WasteBuster, composts because she knows it’s good for the ground and plants. She’s been composting for many years; for her it’s a way of life. She has one dalek compost bin in her garden and two on her allotment. She puts in an equal mixture of greens and browns but no weeds or diseased plants. She also adds fallen leaves in the autumn and chicken manure.

Having a disability isn’t easy, but she says that by not giving up, staying focused and talking to like-minded people she has achieved what she wants and has enjoyed it.

Her biggest challenge was digging up her allotment from scratch. However, she overcame this by digging on her knees in small bursts. For motivation she has her back to the weeds. She uses the compost material at the base of the hole to grow flowers like roses, herbs and peas in small blocks. She enjoys eating her good crops.

She says composting is worthwhile and advises people to start small. She says people will be surprised with the quick results of the crumbling soil.

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