Why I use cloth nappies by Louisa (mum of three).

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Monday 16 January 2017

Using cloth nappies on my children:

I have chosen to use cloth nappies on my three children. Times have changes and cloth nappies are no longer the big terry nappy with the plastic pants. Many parents don't realise the benefits of modern cloth nappies and how good they are. I find cloth nappies leak less and are more 'bomb proof' than disposables, especially the two-part nappies and coverall wraps. I also prefer cloth nappies as they have fewer chemicals on your baby's delicate skin.

I have used cloth nappies since my daughter was born seven years ago, at the time I found pre-fold nappies worked very well. Three years later I had my second and started using sized nappies straight from birth in the hospital! They were fantastic and looked so much cuter than disposables, I even sent a wet bag home with my husband to wash and bring back the next day - although I had enough to last in the end.

Now with my third child I enjoy using cloth so much, seeing them all clean and dry sitting on their special shelf makes me smile. We used cloth nappies from birth, there's even a photo of my husband in theatre holding a cloth nappy ready for our new baby.

My favourite types of nappy:

Some of the easiest nappies for a newby with a slightly older baby than newborn is an all in one nappy that just goes on like a disposable, or a pocket nappy where you stuff the pocket with the included insert. For night time or heavy wetters a two piece system can work very well.

Tips and tricks from experience:

The key is to use vest extenders which are cheap to buy to make the baby's bodysuit slightly larger so they don't squash the nappy and cause 'wicking' where moisture presses onto the tight clothing. You can find lots of information online or on Facebook pre-loved nappy groups.

Bamboo and hemp inserts are your friend with cloth but many come with microfibre inserts which are fine but for older babies can sometimes cause compression wicking so stick a bamboo insert in and you'll be fine.

I also use washable wipes which are easier to clean up poo than disposables which tend to spread it around.

Benefit of using cloth nappies:

I love our nappies they make me feel I'm making a difference to the environment and my child's health and there are so many different types available and different prints, we even have a Star Wars and Pokeball nappy.

Washing the nappies is easy and most can be tumble dried. All in ones may take slightly longer to dry but allow others to use them easily if they are unsure how to use cloth nappies.

Many are slim like a disposable. You can also buy night nappies teamed-up with a wrap that lasts 12 hours. I recently used one without an insert or stay-dry liner which lasted the 12 hours with no redness to the skin.

Thanks for reading my blog on cloth nappies - remember cloth nappies rock!

By Louisa Geddes              

Images - Louisa's little one Toby wearing cloth nappies from birth (right) and at 7 months old(left).

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